A word or two about Me

A word or two about Me

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a rambling big family of ten.  From a young age, the wild, adventure, and expressing those callings were fundamental parts of my life.  Nature and the world at home and abroad have been a siren’s song that I have followed throughout my life. Following that call over the years has led to extensive travel, backpacking the world with several trips through South America, Central America, Mexico, and Asia, as well as living in Hawaii, Northern Minnesota, and working and living alone as a backcountry ranger in New Mexico.  Many different modes of transport and approaches to experiencing that call of the wild have led me to various approaches to experiencing life.  Whether it is mountaineering the Himalaya, trekking Patagonia, elephant safaris in southern Nepal, camel safaris through the Thar desert of India, circling the big island of Hawaii in a recumbent bike, spelunking in Belize, canoeing all over the Midwest, motor-cycling up the Ho-Chi-Minh trail in Vietnam, fly-fishing throughout the continental U.S., or diving the world around, I will always follow that call of life and my dreams for it.

I have observed the natural world as far back as I can remember.  It is a quiet, serene, and personal beauty that I have kept for the most part to myself.  However, in some ways I have shared that special connection in the form of observations expressed through art, photography, and writing.  To most of my friends I am known as an artist first and avid dreamer of life second.   I am hoping to use this blog as an extension and forum to express that passion for life.  Here is a place where I look to share that vision through art, photography, and writing. 

My 20+ years studying and working as an artist started like this:  I studied art in many venues from high schools that focused on art, to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, to traditional studio programs at Atlier Lack, and master apprenticeships under the tutelage of the renowned portrait and fresco painter Mark Balma.  Painting and drawing is something I have done all my life.  I have traveled abroad painting and drawing the world as I saw it for over decade.  The sales of those pieces of art, in turn, funded many more trips abroad.  The two seemed to compliment each other in an endless dance or circle like the yincompliments the yang in ancient Chinese culture.  In the end though, I just really enjoyed painting and sharing my love of the natural world.

In the last few years I have set down the brush and picked up the lens of a camera.  In 2010 I was lucky enough to be named one of the StarTribunes’ Travel Photographer’s of the Year, have had five photographs published in the travel section of the Minneapolis newspaper, while other photographs have been mentioned or used on MSNBC’s ‘Destination Travel’  CNN’s ‘i-report,’ and National Geographic’s Geo blog on ‘Trekking the Himalaya’s’.  Many other  photographs have been featured on websites like the ‘World’s ultimate-Explore the Natural World,’ The Ultimate 8000ers‘wayfaring travel guide, Ko Tao Thailand’ ‘nima nyima’ (Himalayan products), and I was one of two finalists sought out by the Himalayan brewing company in search of a new picture and logo for their world famous Everest beer.  Photography is an area of growth for me in the years to come, one I hope to share extensively through this blog.

Currently, I am in school finishing up my bachelors degree in liberal arts with a triple major in cultural anthropology, Mandarin Chinese, and English.  For the time being, this blog will center on life locally as I am a full-time student year-round and working seven days a week at two full time jobs.  Life still beckons though, through all the scheduling and organized chaos.  Yoga and fly-fishing keep life sane, still, and in focus.  The call for the wild and for life will never dim.  I am just better preparing myself for the road ahead to embrace it all in a greater way.   I Hope to share this passion for life with you.  Take care to live. –Jeremiah Cunningham.


3 thoughts on “A word or two about Me

    • I am Definitely a fan of this new lay out. I’m really looking at some of these photos for the first time ever and having a much greater appreciation for something I’ve been doing for so long now. Photography. Finally a forum to start sharing some of it as well as the writing, drawing, and painting. Thanks for all the help to get this up and running. -J.

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